Preserving our Environment

By: Boomer
Published: Monday, 23 February 2015


Have you ever thought about how much paper is produced for sales order invoices? It's substantial, especially for a successful business like yours. Consider utilizing our E-Invoicing program to begin receiving your Carolina Wholesale invoices electronically via email.


Ctrl-Prt MPS

Utilizing an effective Managed Print Solution can save your business unnecessary drives to a consumer location and also maximize consumable usage. Both can have a positive long-term effect on your carbon footprint.



We have begun utilizing webinars as a regular form of sharing information with our dealers. We have not abandoned on-site events; however, we see the value and environmentally friendly nature of webinars to share new products, promotions, and services with our dealers.


Our Commitment

In addition to these services, Carolina Wholesale is committed to recycling in our own office as we shred all recycleable paper products, provide recycling stations for cans and bottles in our employee break rooms, and utilize webinar services for meetings across offices to reduce travel.

We encourage our dealers to consider such tactics to create a green office place. National Geographic offers several other ways to make your workplace even more eco-friendly.