Retail Flipbook

By: Jason Cater
Published: Tuesday, 31 January 2017

CW August BMAC Flipbook


Digital flipping books are becoming a great way to transition readers from print media to online digital environment.  Carolina Wholesale has a tradition of providing our current promotions in printed four-page flyers every month.  For the first time, we are now providing these flyers in a generic “retail” version for you, our valued dealer, to use for your own sales and promotions.  The flipbook URL is free to you, makes no mention of Carolina Wholesale or our pricing, and provides sales resource to your business at no additional cost to you.

Methods for utilizing this free resource include:

  • Link to retail flipping book URL from your own company website or webpage(s)
  • Include link to retail flipping book URL from within your email signature
  • Link to retail flipping book URL from your own promotional email campaign

Please use this retail flipbook to assist your sales and return next month for an updated retail flipbook with our next flyer's promotions.

Complete the quick form below and we’ll redirect you to the URL to copy and link for your own use.