Samsung Printer Partners Program

By: Vic
Published: Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Join The Samsung P3 Program


Enhance Your Offering With Samsung's Award-Winning Office Printers and Copiers
        Samsung Business is one of the fastest growing and innovative manufacturers in the office products industry.  The vision and synegy they are developing in the office, classroom, and home is unprecidented in our channel.  Their products are garnering industry awards from Gartner, Buyer's Lab, and others.  Carolina Wholesale and Samsung would like to invite you to partner with this manufacturer as a member of the P3 program.

   Samsung Printer Solutions Division is pleased to announce an exciting new Samsung Distribution Channel program, the new Samsung Authorized Printer Partners Program. This program offers participating dealers access to award winning Samsung A3 and A4 series MFP technology products to develop their local markets. The Authorized Printer Partners Program offers targeted sales opportunities and structured marketing support to registered Authorized Printer Partners.

Samsung P3 Dealer Benefits:


Supported Price Authorization (SPA) to assist securing large bid opportunities:

SPA program is only applicable towards bid opportunities linked to a named end user.

SPA requests may be requested on Samsung via Arlington/Carolina Wholesale.

If approved by Samsung, you will receive the discount at time of purchase.

Terms & Conditions available by request from your Arlington/Carolina Wholesale Sales representative



POS is made available on a quarterly basis to assist you in remaining cost competitive at all times.

POS values and relevant SKUs will change each quarter dependent upon market demands

POS will be included within your cost price quote from your Arlington/Carolina Sales Representative whether you remember to ask for it or not. We ensure our customers the best price available to us at all times.

POS discounts cannot be combined with any other special pricing program discounts available.

POS discounts are only applicable towards items shipping & invoicing within the promotional period.

Terms & Conditions available by request from your Arlington/Carolina Wholesale Sales representative


Samsung Authorized Printer Partners Quarterly Rebate Program:

  In an effort to assist in growing your business and incentivizing sales, Samsung is offering a quarterly rebate program inclusive of accelerators to reward dealer focus. The minimum QTR target of $16,250 must be achieved for any rebate category to be eligible. 50% of QTR revenue in same quarter must be comprised of mainframes and options for any rebate category to be eligible. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing by Samsung, Samsung defines applicable sales quarters as follows:     

     October /November/December

  Sales revenue from SPA Program & ad-hoc promotions are excluded for payout calculations but will be included to assist in calculations for revenue target attainment. Quarterly rebates achieved will be calculated and confirmed by Samsung within 30 days following quarter closing. Sales across all participating Samsung Authorized Printer Partners Program Distributors will be included within a joint calculation to determine Dealer eligibility. Any rebates due to the Dealer, will be provided in the form of a credit memo to the distributor for Dealer’s use against future Samsung mainframe purchases at the distributorship. The credit memo will be supplied by Samsung to the Samsung Authorized Printer Partners Program Distributor responsible for selling the highest percentage of mainframe sales revenue for the dealer’s Rebate/Bonus attainment period for which the credit memo covers.


Joining the Samsung Printer Partner Program is simple. 

Click on the button below to download your Samsung P3 application. 

Complete the application and email scanned copy to your

Carolina Wholesale account manager or fax copy to (800) 356-8169.