By: Brent
Published: Friday, 12 January 2018

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Typewriters Lineup

Typewriters have been the instrument of choice for many authors of most of our finest literary works, plays, and screenplays of the past century.  Today they still are finding application in various aspects of business, personal, and the artistic circles of our culture.  We are committed to maintaining the legacy of typewriter at Carolina Wholesale and are proud to be the distributor of choice for these products in North America.

We began selling typewriters almost 50 years ago and today are still the North America’s favorite distributor of today’s top brands of typewriters from Nakajima and Royal.  Additionly, we sell refurbished and reconditioned IBM typewriter models and various vintage typewriters from yesteryears.  Many of these vintage typewriters are sought after by many of today’s typewriter enthusiast and collectors.



 Nakajima Typewriters Lineup      Royal Typewriters Lineup      IBM Typewriters Lineup
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More information on classic typewriters coming soon.

In the meantime, call us at 800-521-4600 to ask about our current selection.


Did You Know?

Iconic American actor/director Tom Hanks is avid typewriter enthusiast.

CBS Sunday Morning feature “Tom Hanks, typewriter enthusiast” Written by Tom Hanks


A Typewriter Renaissance (Courtesy of CBS News)


Typewriter Reneisance1

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If you are a reseller of typewriters, we welcome you and please let us know in what areas we can continue to serve you and the typewriter community.